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Acrylic Nails
Using the application of Acrylic to give your nails instant length. All Acrylic Nail Treatments are finished with a
Permanent High Shine UV Glaze.
• Full Set Nail Extensions - White Acrylic £45
• Full Set Nail Extensions - Natural or French Tips £40
• Natural Nail Overlay - White Acrylic £36
• Natural Nail Overlay - Clear Acrylic £30
• Infill - White Acrylic (2 - 3 weeks) £32
• Infill - Clear Acrylic (2 - 3 weeks) £26
• Infill - White / Clear Acrylic (4 weeks) extra charge
at Charlottes discretion
• Lacquer Finish to any of the above £3
• Individual New Nail £5
• Individual New Nail, to be included with treatment £3.50
• Soak Off and Tidy £22
• Soak Off before Application of New Set £12
Trendy Wraps
A pre designed foil, which is applied to the tips of the
finger nails in conjunction with a full set of Acrylic Nail
Enhancements. We stock a selection of designs to choose from.
• Full Set Nail Extensions with application of Trendy
Wraps £50
• Full Set Nail Overlay with application of Trendy
Wraps £40
Gel Nails
Using Bio Sculpture Gel to enhance the appearance and to promote healthy growth of the natural nails.
• Natural Nail Gel Overlay – Clear Finish £30
French or Colour Finish £36
• In-fills on Gel Overlays – Clear Finish £24
French or Colour Finish £28
• Lacquer Finish to any of the above £3
• Soak Off and Tidy £20
• Soak Off before Application of New Set £10
• Gel Nail Repair £3.50/£5
Please note, that prices quoted above for Acrylic and Gel soak off, is for the removal off our products, applied by us. If you require us to remove Acrylic or Gel which has been applied to your nails at another establishment, then the following prices apply.
• Soak Off & Tidy £30
• Soak Off before Application of New Set £20

Minx Nails
A method of nail art which is a favourite with celebs. A choice of designs, instantly dry and results lasting
between 4 to 6 weeks.
• Full Set Toe Nails £32
• Removal of Minx 50p per nail
Little Miss Nails
Nails for girls under the age of 10 years.
• Finger Nail or Toe Nail Shape & Paint £12
Add a gem to any of the above - 20p per gem.

Gift Vouchers
The perfect present for a friend or loved one. Valid for 6 months and only to be used in the Nail & Make-up Studio.

Should a cancellation be necessary, 24 hours notice is required, to enable others the opportunity of an appointment. All prices are subject to periodic review. Late arrivals may result in treatments being shortened or the possibility of having your appointment rescheduled. A 50% increase charge will be incurred at your next appointment for late cancellation or missed appointment. With regards to the Hair Studio all prices are a guide only and up to individual stylist discretion. Please note that we only accept cash & cheque payments.

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